Association of Parents of Gifted Children

AGET (Associazione Genitori Education to Talent) is the Italian Association of Parents of Gifted Children, the only Italian association made up exclusively of parents of identified gifted children. It is a non-profit organization, solely based on the voluntary work of the parents.

Italy is a small country in the middle of Europe, a country with much history and many excellent developments, known all around the world, but Italy is a country where giftedness is basically unacknowledged. We don’t have programmes for gifted children, a special curriculum for gifted children, schools or activities for gifted children, laws or regulations for giftedness.

In this situation Aget is the catalyst for any initiative.

We organize

  • activities for gifted children
  • speeches, workshops and courses

We get in touch

  • networking with other organisations and networks devoted to helping children with high abilities thrive – for example via HELP
  • at conferences, in Italy or abroad, to meet friends and co-operate with other people who share our mission
  • with all Italian Institutions (Ministries, International Organizations etc.) to improve the knowledge of the topic in our society and in our schools

We provide information

  • by offering in-house training in educational institutions
  • by taking part at educational fairs and meetings