Association of the Parents of Highly Gifted Children EHK

Elternverein für hochbegabte Kinder

The purpose of the EHK (the Association of the Parents of Highly Gifted Children) is to foster the well-being of highly gifted children by:

  • providing information about the subject of giftedness
  • supporting families with highly gifted children
  • organizing activities, programmes and events suitable for highly gifted children

The EHK was founded in 1990 and currently has about 600 members, families and individuals throughout Switzerland. Our regional groups offer the opportunity for the personal exchange of experience. Experts give lectures on-site on topics related to the education of children with high learning potential. The regional groups also engage with local educational and political authorities on policies and programmes pertinent for highly gifted children by drawing attention to the challenges that these children and their parents face.

The EHK’s KinderUni® offers various courses for children of different ages to complement normal schooling. During term time, the events and last from half a day up to 2 1/2 days. Specialist teachers address specific topics for small groups of children and teenagers. In the summer the KinderUni runs a six-day summer camp for children aged from about seven years to fifteen years of age. The camp enables the participants to immerse themselves in  projects on specific topics in  science, technology, art, culture or philosophy.

The courses and the summer camp enable highly gifted children to engage with their peers and to think and work together. Often new friendships are formed, and the positive experiences help the children to strengthen their sense of self-esteem.

Our regular members’ magazine in German entitled “von Haus zu Haus” addresses topics related to intellectual giftedness.