Joyfully Gifted – In Danish: Begavet med Glæde

Begavet med Glæde is founded on the principles of a charter; a bill of rights for gifted children.
We accept any individual or organisation as members, given that they accede to our charter.

We are an association and network for professionals, politicians, businesses, parents, children, and young people. We believe that a joint effort is required if we want to ensure every gifted child’s right to well-being and challenges. We campaign politically for the gifted children and we work together with researchers and professionals to help make the Danish pre- and primary schools a place where gifted children can thrive and unfold their gift.

We provide a platform for collaboration for actors in the gifted field. The platform is called Focus and is home for our special interest groups that use it to discuss and collaborate on their topic, e.g. parenting, 2E, campaign activities, or educational politics.
Additionally, we host webinars, virtual and physical meet-ups, send out newsletters, and actively use social media to raise awareness about our cause.

Begavet med Glæde includes all aspects of giftedness in children, why our work and focus also includes children who are not high achievers or who are twice exceptional.