German Association for Gifted Children

In German: Deutsche Gesellschaft für das hochbegabte Kind (DGhK)

The German Association for Gifted Children is a non-profit association that promotes the needs of high learning potential children by reaching out to parents, school and kindergarden teachers, psychologists and other interested persons.
We are a network of 14 regional associations that operate locally. In that way we are able to serve the special needs of children in all the different German federal educational systems.

Parents and professionals are offered a special postal code search engine and may

  • contact their nearest facilitators via mail or phone for individual counseling
  • visit their nearest parent group in order to get expert advice and interchange with like-minded people

We provide information

  • by publishing our official magazine “Labyrinth.“ Three times a year our voluntary workers, active members, researchers of our advisory board, students, practitioners and experts in the field, our families and the children themselves, friends and networkers send in articles. Every edition is on a special topic, like ADHD, Passion or Growing Up.
  • by counseling, supporting and offering inhouse-trainings in educational institutions
  • by providing information stalls at educational fairs and meetings

We organize

  • speeches, workshops and courses
  • places and activities for children to meet peers
  • weekend and holiday camps for families
  • holiday enrichment programmes

We get in touch

  • networking with other organisations and networks devoted to helping children with high abilities thrive – for example via HELP
  • at conferences in Germany and Europe to meet friends and work with other people who share our concerns
  • with Ministeries of Education in each federal region in Germany to ensure that the needs of able children are met in school
  • with our advisory board to be informed about the newest studies and research results

The DGhK is member of the WCGTC and ECHA. We are an ETSN Talent Point.