Education for Excellence

Education for Excellence is a non-profit organisation founded by volunteers – active citizens, consisting of academic scholars, teachers, scientists, businessmen and consultants, with the collective vision that actual and sustainable progress in a society can only be achieved through Education.

  • Education that considers the individual capabilities of each and every student, recognising their different skills, gifts and talents whilst also providing a suitable learning environment that will help them to fully develop their academic as well as social and emotional potential.
  • Education that provides equal opportunities thanks to specially designed curricula, taught by specialised teaching staff; curricula targeting, without discrimination, pupils capable of following them but also enriching them, showcasing and supporting the pupils’ personalities.

The initials of the logo “PAIDEIA Aristeias” (“Education for Excellence”) sum up the vision for holistic young people’s development:

Personality – Aksies (“Values”) – Ideas – Dimiourgikotita (“Creativity”) – Education – Ideals – Anaptyksi (“Development”)