Potential Plus UK

Young people with high learning potential frequently miss out on the support they need because their cognitive or creative capabilities mask a genuine need for help. This can be accentuated by learning differences due to a combination of high learning potential and special educational needs.

Potential Plus UK is an independent UK charity working with families, schools and other professionals to improve understanding of, and provision for, these needs so that, regardless of background, young people can thrive and excel for everyone’s benefit.
Potential Plus UK was established in 1967 and continues to be led by individuals with the lived experience of being, or parenting, a young person with high learning potential.

Our vision is:

For very young person with high learning potential in England and Wales to receive appropriate support and challenge to secure well-being and high attainment with the skills, resilience and confidence to succeed at every stage of their development. 

Our mission is:

To discover young people’s potential, nurture their gifts and talents, and support them to succeed and thrive with confidence.

Our understanding of high learning potential

High learning potential can, and often is, called by other names. It is historically named ‘gifted’ but these days, especially within a school context in England, more able and most able is used. The term high learning potential started to be used by Potential Plus UK in 2013 as it was felt it best described the fact that these young people have extraordinary abilities but need support in order to realise them. 

Our services include:

  • Information
  • Advice
  • Guidance  
  • Educational assessment  
  • Professional development  
  • Parenting workshops
  • Family events

We use Pfeiffer’s Tripartite Model to consider high learning potential through three lenses: high intelligence, outstanding accomplishment and potential to excel.