Foundation for highly gifted children

As a foundation we advocate the needs, the rights and the well being of highly gifted children. In accordance with the actual scientific discourses and expertise on gifted education and talent development, we understand giftedness as a personal potential that can result in high achievement in the interaction with creativity, task commitment and positive mindsets and environment conditions. Based on our long-term experience, we know that potentials without promotion and support often not develop into high achievements. And we also are aware of the fact that we find children with over-average or outstanding potentials in all cohorts of the population. We stand for the right of all children to get fair chances to evolve their individual strengths and to have a happy and fulfilling life. That’s why we campaign today and in the future for all gifted and talented children of Switzerland – with specific activities and offers as well as in public relation activities.


The well-being of a child is based on various factors. Your child lives in your family, but also in social contexts and in a school environment. In the child’s vision everything is connected and belongs together. If something upsets the balance, all the areas of the personal growth can disequilibrate. School problems, social or behavioral problems may arise. A fast and uncomplicated support and guidance can prevent from the escalation of larger problems. Therefore the goal of our consulting is to identify problems and to work for best possible solutions in collaboration with all involved persons. We try to enable and to support all participants: The child, parents and teachers act for the best of the child to make possible that he or she can develop and improve all his or her personality and capabilities.

Helpline: Advice trough consulting 

  • Would you like to know, if the problems in school are related with giftedness? 
  • Are you looking for information how to promote your highly gifted child?
  • Do you need advice in organizing the school career of you highly gifted child?

School Projekt : LISSA-Preis

We have a school-project “LISSA-Preis”. The goal is to influence schools in Switzerland to teach more individually, more focused on the resources and not on the insufficiencies of the children. Therefore every two years we give a price to 5-7 schools in Switzerland for their Best-Practice. And we published 3 books by now about these Best- Practices including some theory about education of the gifted and talented. The theory is mainly based on Renzulli/ Reis “Three Ring Conception” (the Enrichment Triad Model and curriculum compacting and differentiation). The books are accompanied with short-film portraits of different schools.

Important to know: The consulting team does not perform potential analyses.